by Sean Breadin

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All music performed & composed in real time (100% improvised, no dubs) by Sean Breadin (baritone Fender Telecaster + ebow, crystal glissando, loops, filters & delays / Korg Monotribe drone & sequencer) April 2017.

Named after the 14th century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) and until recently believed to have been formed by a fragment of the same asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs on Planet Earth some 66 million years ago, Tycho crater is a little over 50 miles in diameter and noted for its radial impact rays that appear to divide the moon into citrus segments almost a thousand miles long.

It is also featured as the location of the Second Monolith in the film '2001 : A Space Odyssey', which my mother took me to see in the summer of its UK release in 1968 when I would have been 6-years-old, thus giving my infant brain more food for thought than it could readily digest.

This is no doubt why it remains a favourite of mine some 49 years later when I might gaze up at the moon, just as I did as a boy, finding assurance that in a changing world at least Tycho is still there, outlasting all human concern, all human evolution, all human history, culture, politics, tradition, religion, superstition, epochs, gods, beliefs, wars, and all the griefs, joys, success and failures of so-called civilisation.

I am thus awed, humbled, delighted by the silences that will, I trust, outlast us all.

Sean Breadin. May 2017.

PS - Any melodic resemblance between Tycho A and The Beatles' 'Within You, Without You' is, of course, purely coincidental - or else evidence of subconscious memetic continuities that underly 50,000 years of the popular music tradition.


released May 10, 2017



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Sean Breadin England, UK

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