Selfless Indulgence

by Sean Breadin

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Selfless Indulgence : No-Age Sonatas for Electric Guitar and Analogue Electronic Continuo

Recorded June 14th 2015.

All music improvised in real-time by Sean Breadin : Electric Guitar (Baritone Fender Telecaster + Ebow, volume pedal, EHX C9, Boss Harmoniser, Loopers, Tera Echo & Vox Delay Lab) / Analogue Electronic Continuo (Korg MS-20, Korg Monotribe + EHX Memory Boy & Line 6 Delay Modeller) through Behringer Xenyx 1002FX Mixer & old style Zoom H4.

Note : Looking up 'Selfless Indulgence' on Google I drew a blank. Can I really be the first to have thought of this? I doubt it somehow, or maybe its poetical & philosophically nuances are too subtle in this age of prescriptive literalism. Whatever the case, it seemed a suitable name for the pieces as I did them, without much thought or premeditation, by way of just sitting with my axe one day and seeing where it might take me. Even at the time it was hard to credit I had any part in the process other than one I might term vaguely mediumistic, but listening back to it now, I can't find myself in at at all, which is, I think, how it ought to be.

It says Part One and Part Two, but both pieces are self-contained structurally and conceptually - and their matching durations are entirely coincidental. They are heard here without any subsequent editing whatsoever.

The images are from a sunset in Norfolk on the evening of May 16th 2015. As with the music, there's no additional processing here other than the deliberate contre-jour, so they stand as a suitable visual analogue as well as pretty pictures to match the mood, though I've long despaired of the impact of cash-crops on the character & ecology on the British countryside.

Sean Breadin - June 21st 2015


released June 26, 2015



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Sean Breadin England, UK

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